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Our experienced Aftermarket Consultant will help make the customisation of your vehicle a smooth transition.

Here at Miedecke Motor Group we offer a great range of aftermarket products to enhance your new or used vehicle from a wide range of tinting products, paint, interior protection products and a wide range of genuine and aftermarket accessories and safety products that we can arrange to supply and fit at your convenience to enhance your  motoring pleasure.

Protect Your Car with Permagard

Paint Treatment with Permagard from Miedecke Motor Group

Paint Treatment

Once the Permagard coating has been professionally applied to your vehicle it bonds chemically to the painted surface completely insulating and protecting the new paint from the extremes of the environment.


Ultra Gloss

‘Glass like’ finish over and above factory paint scheme.

Ultra Violet Inhibiting Technology

Guarantees gloss and paint won’t fade and oxidize.

Reduced Maintenance

Self-cleaning properties, repels dirt & grime, easier to wash no need to wax and polish.

Stain Resistance

The first line of chemically bonded defence against animal and organic matter such as bird lime, tree sap and industrial pollution.

Lifetime Warranty

Leather Treatment

Permagard’s superior leather treatment and long lasting conditioners will protect all interior leather allowing it to breathe and remain supple whilst providing outstanding long-term protection.



Encapsulates and maintains your new leather look and smell.


Protects against UV rays and the cracking and fading caused by UV exposure.


Repels common spillages and dirt.

Reduces Wear

Reduces dirt build up resulting in a reduction in friction of imbedded contaminates on your leather.

Lifetime Warranty
Fabric Treatment with Permagard from Miedecke Motor Group

Fabric Treatment

Permagard’s interior copolymer technology adheres too and protects every fibre of the carpets and fabrics in your vehicle continually repelling liquid and water-based spills. Liquid simply ‘beads up’ on the surface of the seats or upholstery making it simple to wipe away without leaving stains or marring fabrics.


Copolymer Technology

Adheres too and protects every fibre.


Protects against penetration of food and water based liquid spills.


Liquids ‘bead up’ making them easy to remove.

Ultra Violet Protection

Blocks UV rays and retards premature ageing.

Lifetime Warranty

Vinyl Treatment

Permagard’s durable interior coatings will provide a barrier that limits scuffmarks and stains. The treated surface becomes much easier to clean, whilst protecting against harmful UV rays and high temperatures that cause the interior surfaces to dull and fade.


Scuff Protection

Barrier limiting scuff mark adherence.


Protects against UV rays and the cracking and fading caused by UV exposure.


Repels common spillages and dirt.

Lifetime Warranty

Electronic Rustproofing

The NECCS (Nilrust Electronic Corrosion Control System) is a fully computerised device designed to prevent corrosion in vehicles

The NECCS (Nilrust Electronic Corrosion Control System) is a fully computerised device designed to prevent corrosion in vehicles. It does this by a process called capacitive coupling. Both a negative and electrostatic field are induced through the vehicle reducing the rate at which oxygen and the body steel combine. Corrosion is then reduced or stopped.

  • Virtually indestructible, being water and dust proof
  • Does not interfere with the vehicle’s electronic systems and draws less than 30 milliamps
  • When a NECCS gives a green light, it’s a 100% guarantee the system is performing second to none
  • Covered by a 10 year warranty (conditions apply)
  • NECCS are manufactured in Australia for Nilrust by the market leader in this industry
Electronic Rustproofing Product List

Electronic Rust Proofing 1 pad – Nilrust Standard Car Unit Nilrust Electronic Corrosion Control Systems, are now fully computerised, programmable and self-diagnostic. These systems are completely fail-safe and will automatically reset if a fault occurs.

Electronic Rust Proofing 2 pad – Nilrust Standard 4×4 Unit Nilrust 4×4 Standard unit is suitable for small 4×4′s, utes and vans.

Electronic Rust Proofing 4 pad – Heavy Duty 4×4 Unit – 4 padNilrust 4×4 Standard unit is suitable for industry vehicles 4×4′s, utes and vans.

Systems available for Mining, Building, Construction & Commercial vehicles as well as buses coaches and any other vehicle that you have in mind!

Electronic Rustproofing Technical Information
How NECCS Works

NECCS – Nilrust Electronic Corrosion Control Systems, are now fully computerised, programmable and self-diagnostic. These systems are completely fail-safe and will automatically reset if a fault occurs. NECCS utilizes a proven process known as Capacitive Coupling to prevent corrosion.

NECCS manufacturer reversed the design trends of cost versus technology by recognizing the importance of real ongoing Research and Development in this industry. Evaluating and testing the best in current component technology available is first and foremost with emphasis on precision and consistently reliable results after manufacture. Components are only of the highest quality obtainable.

Basically, rust is the loss of electrons from within the metal. Oxygen combines with the metal atom and forms FE2o3 Ferric Oxide; that is rust.

Here we explain Capacitive Coupling in Laymen’s Terms.

What we are doing is interfering with the oxidisation cycle, in other words, tricking nature.

We achieve this by artificially pumping electrons into the vehicle so our supply of electrons exceeds the demand.

This is achieved by creating a capacitor, our pad that is affixed to the paint acts as the positive plate in the capacitor, the paint becomes the dielectric which in turn holds the charge static (keeps the electrons from flowing away) and the body of the vehicle or structure acts as the negative plate in the capacitor.

So what we are left with is a big capacitor;

1. The pad is the positive plate

2. The paint is the dielectric

3. The body is the negative plate

Electrons are built between the positive plate and the negative plate and the paint keeps them there. How Simple!


There are 2 basic components for this technology.

1. The power supply or unit is approximately the size of a deck of playing cards and runs off the vehicle battery, drawing less than 30Ma. The electronic printed circuit board is totally encapsulated in an epoxy resin, which makes it completely airtight and watertight. As well as this the electronics are solid state, which means these systems will enjoy a long life in any condition.

2. The Capacitive Coupler or pad is affixed to a painted metal surface on the vehicle with an aircraft grade 3M adhesive. The power supply (unit) charges this pad with a predetermined DC voltage strong enough to be read on a volt/multi meter. There are three things that need to be supplied to the pad in order to induce the charge through the non-conductive painted surface, volts, frequency and capacitance.

NOTE: This is why you cannot run couplers in series off one circuit as other brands do.

We at Nilrust believe that the most important thing to remember when looking for an Electronic Rust Proofing system is to look at the field test evaluations, rather than the how’s and why’s. If it actually works in a corrosive environment, then it will work for you. However, we also need to satisfy those of you who want the how’s and why’s.

There has never been a problem with previous components. All we have done is upgraded the systems components with current microcomputer technology. This latest advancement in technology has created a superior and more effective system.

Beginning with a high precision signal generator, all aspects of the design are fully digitally controlled using state of the art microcomputer technology, similar to that found in current cell phone technology.

The energy applied to the pad/s is tuned energy that is digitally monitored in a continuous feedback loop, again similar to that of a highly crafted and tuned musical instrument. The energy drawn from the battery is converted, tuned and passed with very high efficiency through the coupling pad/s to the vehicles body. This ‘through pads’ energy is greater than other similar brands.

Our through pad energy can be demonstrated and proven when applying pads of differing numbers and sizes. WithNECCS the energy drain is pure pad power, mathematically correct and relative to the pad.

Other similar systems must invest in hope alone, and cannot prove their pad is actually doing any work at all.

Monitoring of fault conditions is where NECCS is clearly at the forefront in technology and innovation.  The manufacturer of NECCS ensures that the needed high tech diagnostics are built into each and every unit. NECCSsystems are not just a good looking light!

As NECCS really work they can naturally give real and accurate information of pad condition for digital monitoring. Monitoring energy leakage is relative to the pad. Faulty signals or an open pad condition or even a dead short is monitored and reported by the system, the system will shut down until such times as the fault has been rectified.


When a NECCS gives a green light, it’s a 100% guarantee the system is performing second to none.The manufacturer’s technology has proven to be the only Electronic Rust Proofing method to be effective in stopping or slowing rust and corrosion on ‘free to air structures’ such as motor vehicles.

If you parked a vehicle in a river or dug a hole and buried the car, then you would need the other types of Electronic Rust Proofing Devices that are also on the market – ‘Cathodic or Impressed Current types are not suitable for motor vehicles’.

Rust is very much the same as a fire, both are produced by a chemical reaction known as oxidation. If you remove oxygen from the fire, it will go out and if you remove oxygen from metal it will not rust.

What NECCS does is interfere with the oxidation process.

The theory is that if you can supply more electrons to the vehicle than what the elements can take, you can control or stop corrosion.

With Capacitive Coupling Technology, the vehicles paintwork plays a very important role.  It acts as the dielectric which holds the charge static and stops the electron flow from bleeding away.

This is why the manufacturer has been so successful in controlling corrosion in some of Australia’s harshest climatic conditions, the Mining Industry, Surf Life Saving, Government and Council vehicles, as well as thousands of privately owned vehicles around the world.

NB: The above information is copyright to Couplertec the manufacturer of NECCS.

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