i30 For Salary Packaging

2017 is shaping as a big year for Hyundai thanks to the all new i30. We know there’ll be an important focus on fleet sales, but what does the new Hyunai i30, that’s better in every way, mean for the next wave of fleet purchasing? FAN caught up with, Giles Belcher, Head of Sales Operations at Hyundai Motor Company Australia to find out.

“We expect that the Active model will take the majority of sales as its specifications are particularly well suited to fleet customers,” Belcher noted.

This is because the Active will be available in petrol and diesel, in automatic and manual which will suit every purpose. Unfortunately there won’t be an i30 wagon available in Australia but this shouldn’t stop fleet managers from purchasing the hatch.

Belcher confirmed that fleet sales slowed in the lead up to the new model launch and took a while to ramp up again.  “There was a slight drop off, as was expected. We had very few 2017 built old models available [for fleet]”.

He added that “The fleet reaction has been sensational, and the order bank is larger than expected, and is continuing to grow. We expect a higher take up of the new model due to the improved performance and design”.

Pricing on the new model is competitive in the segment and offers more value than the previous model so there’s no need for fleets to look at other options. And with strong resale backed by a history of retail sales success the model changeover won’t dent whole of life cost assumptions.

And Belcher agrees, “It’s competitive in the market when specification is considered. The resale of GD has been particularly strong. With the transactional price differential with the new PD, this should continue”.

For the novated lease driver choosing the i30 for their salary packaging vehicle there is an extensive range of genuine accessories available to purchase.

Genuine accessory packs

  • Interior accessory pack
  • Exterior accessory pack
  • Touring accessory pack


  • iPad® holder
  • Auxiliary cable


  • Tailored carpet floor mats (set of 4)
  • Dash mat
  • Fabric rear bumper protector
  • Cargo organiser
  • Portable cooler 12v –15L


  • Bonnet protector (smoked)
  • Bonnet protector (clear)
  • Mud flaps (set of 2)
  • Tinted style visors (set of 2)
  • Headlight protectors (set of 2)


  • First aid kit


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