Ford’s Byron Bay Family Escape

Ford Australia packed up one Aussie family and sent them off for a weekend away in the Ford Escape… here’s what happened!

“The weeks and not to mention the weekends are always so full on in our family. We never seem to have time to really enjoy time together or visit places we haven’t been before. – so when Ford Australia asked us to test drive their family car; The Ford Escape, we took it as a sign! We needed a family getaway! We’ve always talked about wanting to visit Byron Bay and so we jumped online and booked the accommodation and off we went a few weeks later”

About the Ford Escape.

“We loved testing out a new car and enjoyed all the cool features it had to offer. – being a family of 5 it is important to us that we don’t feel squished in our car as the car seat for the little one can often take up quite a lot of room. We all agreed that we felt comfortable in the Escape and had plenty room to twist, turn and stretch our legs while driving to and from Byron”

“Another important thing for us is how efficient a car is on fuel, – let’s face it a family of 5 can’t afford to waste money anywhere, – especially not at the traffic lights. So we loved that the Ford Escape is Auto Start-Stop. It shuts down the engine automatically when at a set of lights and restarts when you press the accelerator. Genius! Especially driving around Byron and it being an unknown place for us it was nice that we didn’t have to worry about running low on fuel. The Ford took us all the way from Brisbane to Byron Bay, drove it around for two days and back to Brissy again on the same tank”

Some of the features of the car we loved at first sight;

  • Awesome trays on the back of the front seats which fold up so the kids sitting in the back seats can use them for snack or play.

  • The screen on the dash which shows you where you are, – what music you are listening to and gives you alerts.

  • The amazing panoramic roof which opens up with a touch of a button. The boys squealed about this feature!

  • Blind spot information system. Indicator lights in the side mirrors can let you know if there’s a vehicle detected in your blind spot when changing lanes. So you can see what you can’t see.

  • The back of the car is huge, – we could fit in so much and still be able to throw an extra stroller and our own blankets and pillows.

  • Tailgate opens and closes automatically with a touch of a button on the back which makes it so easy when you have your hands full with kids or baggage.

  • Park assist. – God knows I need this one. The screen shows you alerts and lines when you need them the most.

  • One of the things my hubby was super impressed about when we were driving down was the Adaptive Cruise Control. Instead of having to turn Cruise Control on and off, Adaptive Cruise Control adapts. If it senses traffic is slowing, it slows. When the traffic clears, it goes back to your pre-set speed. He thought it was such a clever and convenient feature of the car.


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